About Us

Our Business Method

Personal Commitment:

We are personally committed to provide excellent service to our clients. We are actively involved in all aspects of the provision of candidates and strive to build a positive business relationship to the benefit of all parties involved (Our Client / Step Talent Sourcing and the Candidates).

Client Satisfaction:

We strive to meet our Client’s Talent Sourcing needs through the utilisation of proper Recruitment and Selection Processes. We liaise closely with our clients and our service also includes advice to Clients / Candidates in terms of trends and practices in the Industry.

Integrity / Consistency / Business Dealing:

We always act with integrity in our business dealings by continuously operating within the parameters of ethical business practices. We endeavour to be consistent in the application of procedures and processes.

Quality of Service:

The most important contributing factor in the development of a mutually beneficial business relationship is the ability to provide quality service to our customers. Hence we take the utmost care in ensuring that we introduce the best possible candidates available.

Our Business Method

Central to our modus operandi is that the Client’s requirements are our first and foremost consideration. The Client’s exact needs are determined and a candidate’s leadership ability, tasks, personality and management styles are carefully analysed, evaluated and matched with an organisational, in-depth profile / candidate analysis to ensure that the exact needs of our Client are met.

We believe that Talent Sourcing of quality people adds value to the organisation. As we are conscious of the unpredictable nature of the human being, our services, inclusive of candidate assessments, are unique in that they include in-depth candidate analysis which is supported by scientific candidate suitability techniques. We approach all assignments as totally customized and commit ourselves fully to on-going client co-operation and communication. We believe in an ethical and professional approach to our executive search and selection techniques.

Step Talent Sourcing has the ability to successfully place the right candidate in instances where competitors have not been able to.

Step Talent Sourcing is a Niche Talent Sourcing business covering the following industries:

Mining / Construction

Oil / Gas / Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Environmental / Waste / Energy

Financial Services

Commercial / Supply Chain

Management Consulting

Human Resources / Legal