Guidelines for Candidate

To change jobs could be an unsettling, intimidating and challenging decision.  We therefore offer some important guidance based on extensive experience in practice.
Career Background
Ensure that your Resumé is concise, not exceeding three to four  pages.  Keep it to the point and relevant.  Highlight examples of where you have added significant value to the company as well as specific skills you have developed in your career.  List your key-responsibilities and align those to the position in question.  Remember presenting your CV is part of the process in marketing yourself.
The Interview
Reference Checking
Consideration of offer
Time Consuming
Counter Offer

Step Talent Sourcing is a Niche Talent Sourcing business covering the following industries:

Mining / Construction

Oil / Gas / Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Environmental / Waste / Energy

Financial Services

Commercial / Supply Chain

Management Consulting

Human Resources / Legal