Provision of Contract Labour

(South Africa only)


Temporary / Flexi / Contract Provisioning of Human Capital


The cost of Temporary or Flexi Staff should not exceed that of Permanent Employees.  The efficient utilisation of Temporary and Flexi Staff should contribute to the financial benefit of the client. 


When an Assignee is placed on a Temporary or Flexi basis the major risk remains with Step Talent Sourcing as the assignee is contracted to Step Talent Sourcing.

Temporary to Permanent:

The client can use the Temporary period, i.e. one to three months to evaluate the Assignee’s suitability for Permanent employment. 

In the event of a Temporary Employee being appointed Permanently there are multiple benefits to both our Client and the Employee.  The Employee is motivated by a Career Path and although the total cost per employee remains the same, the Admin Fee that falls away, serves as a small increase. 

Management Time (Admin & Statutory Requirements):

Whilst the Assignees work on a Temporary or Flexi Basis at the client, Step Talent Sourcing takes care of all the time consuming and costly Administration and Statutory Requirements.

Step Talent Sourcing is a Niche Talent Sourcing business covering the following industries:

Mining / Construction

Oil / Gas / Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Environmental / Waste / Energy

Financial Services

Commercial / Supply Chain

Management Consulting

Human Resources / Legal